The Vanguard Gym Model

The Franchise Model

In short, Franchises are federally regulated devices which require that Franchisors disclose and layout exactly what is being offered to prospective Franchisees to ensure a forthright and transparent approach to growing a particular brand. Franchisors are in the business of growing their brand through independently owned and operated a Franchises and are present to assist them in all aspects of owning, and operating their business. In the case of a fitness center, this may include helping identify potential successful locations of operation, advising what equipment to purchase, what contractors to use and the color of paint on the walls. It is our opinion, that the franchise can build a consistent brand while maintaining the individuality of the club owner who has spent the hard earned money to achieve this goal for the benefit of the corporate office.A Vanguard Key Club Franchise protects our “method of operation” and maintains a consistency among its Franchisees in this area, all while allowing club owners to dictate the certain areas where their market demand may be different form another’s. Particular covenants pertaining to equipment and facilities maintenance, software and access systems remain consistent throughout the brand, however, equipment choices and standardized decor requirements are followed on a per club basis with great flexibility. Territorial fees are broken down on a per location basis and first rights are given to any existing location before a new one can open close by. Franchise fees are also much more affordable often exceeding 60% less than the typical franchise.

Opening A New 24 Hour Key Club Gym

The cost associated with opening a typical Vanguard Key Club location can range from $300,000 to $500,000. Many variables exist such as market, demographics, available space and owner vision (“eyes bigger than the belly” syndrome), however, once all the details are worked out, this range is pretty accurate. It is up to any prospective Franchisee to ensure that the appropriate capital can be raised to find, fit up, and install all the necessary applications to ensure a successful opening and provide adequate cash flow in the first phases of operation. As in most start ups, this is the largest and most important hurdle to clear.

Converting An Existing Gym

Owning and Operating a current gym means that the process of converting to a Vanguard Key Club is far less complex and at a much lower cost than starting from the ground up. You already have the key components in place such an established location, equipment, locker rooms and an existing member base. With only a modest investment to bring a current location up to our Vanguard Key Club Franchise model standards, just a few simple modifications to current facilities and operations can provide a much more stable and lucrative bottom line with far less effort and managerial challenges. Freedom from the hassles of just “getting by” is just a click away. Contact us today to see if you qualify to become one of the most efficient gym franchise options available today and watch your future grow the way you always expected it to.


If you believe you are a good candidate for a Vanguard Key Club Franchise, and feel that you can meet the financial requirement necessary to get a club open, you're most of the way there. Our professional and experienced staff can get you through the rest of the process in a relatively short amount of time with very little difficulty. Here are just a few of the categories of services we will provide to get you up and running:

Converting An Existing Gym

• Financial Planning & Lending
• Lease Negotiation & Review
• Equipment Purchases
• Facility Layout & Design
• Pre-sale Strategies & Temp Staffing
• Member Billing & Management
• Electronic Access & Surveillance Systems
• Risk Management
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