24 Hour Vanguard Key Club Gyms FAQs

Yes! By utilizing our optional freeze option, your membership will remain in our database on an inactive status until your return. You may either pre-set the freeze dates so that re-activation is automatic, or simply call or email to re-activate when the time is right. There is no limit to the period of time you may remain on freeze. A fee of $5 per month to hold you in our database will be charged in lieu of the normal monthly rate. This will secure your existing monthly rate and avoid any start up fees associated with a cancellation and future re-enrollment and rate changes. (note: equipment purchase program fees will remain in effect during January, May and September).

ADD A MEMBER (to your existing account ONLY)
  1. Enter the personal information into the online enrollment form for the person you wish to add to your account.
  2. Select “Monthly 1st” OR “Monthly 15th” as a membership type. This MUST match your existing membership type billing cycle.
  3. Select the “ADD-ON” Payment Plan
  4. Complete the online enrollment form.
  5. After submitting the new enrollment, send us a message through our contact form authorizing the addition of this member to your account. Please make sure to include the existing member’s name and the new member’s name(s) in your message.

  1. Enter the personal information into the online enrollment form for the person you wish to purchase a membership for
  2. Select the Membership Type and Payment Plan for the individual.
  3. Enter YOUR financial information (credit card number, etc.) in the billing section of the online enrollment form.
  4. An automatic “Welcome” email with useful information will be sent to the email address provided. If you don’t wish for the recipient to receive it right away, please provide a different email address.
  5. The key tag will be mailed to the member’s address as it appears in the enrollment form. If this gift is intended on being a SURPRISE and you wish to have it mailed to a different address, simply follow up with a message through our contact form indicating where, and to whom, you would like the key mailed.
PLEASE NOTE: All memberships are month to month, billed electronically and there is no pre-set termination date for any memberships. If this is not intended on being the “gift that keeps on giving” you will need to contact us to have the membership terminated or transferred to the recipient’s billing information in the future.

Yes! Our certified trainers are not employees of Vanguard Key Clubs and therefore, rates and availability may vary. Trainers are required to maintain individual insurance policies. A Trainer’s level of experience, degrees or certifications will vary. Members interested in a training program should contact independent trainers directly to see which one best fits their individual fitness goals. Click HERE to go to the Trainers Page

Each location provides lockers for day use. Some select lockers are available for rent at $10 per month added to your monthly dues and are on a first come first served basis. Lockers being “acquired” without being rented will have their locks cut and contents “recycled” without notice. If you would like to arrange a locker rental, please contact your local club.

Electronic key tags will be mailed USPS 1st class and often arrive within 3-5 business days. This is NOT a guaranteed arrival time, however, if the key does not arrive in 7 business days, please contact us to look into it further.

Once your enrollment has been received, you will be emailed instructions for remote access so you can use the facilities right away until the key tag arrives.

As a private non-staffed facility that requires key access for all members, we are not set up to accommodate a short term visitor. If you are planning to accompany an existing member for a workout, the fee is $10 per visit can be billed to the member or dropped off at the office at any location.

Contact your local facility for additional information regarding our Group/Corporate membership Discount Program

All enrollment fee discounts will be applied automatically upon joining and are valid for ONLINE ENROLLMENTS ONLY.

Enrollment Fees are One-Time Only provided that a member remains in “Active” or Freeze” status. Once cancelled and terminated, re-enrollments will be subject to new fees and current rates.

All Vanguard Key Club memberships are billed electronically on a month-to-month basis only, requiring a 30 day written cancellation if necessary. (*An alternative freeze option is available in lieu of a cancellation)

An Equipment/Facility improvement fee will be billed at the rate of $7 additional in the months of January, May and September ONLY, whether in “active” or Freeze” status. These funds will be used to off-set the costs of these member requested equipment and facility improvements each year.

Replacement for lost Key Tags: $20

Must be 18 years or older to enroll online.