The Clean, Comfortable and Convenient elements of our facilities coupled with our superior training equipment in a spacious setting makes Vanguard Key Clubs the first choice for those looking for the best fitness environment in the region.

Vanguard Key Clubs prides itself on its customer commitment. Our goal is to provide a safe and clean environment conducive for all fitness levels. The ease-of-use of our 24 hour key card system enables patrons to exercise when they want and how they want at ANY time DAY or NIGHT. Our professional cleaning contractor works diligently at keeping our facilities clean and sanitized on a consistent basis. In addition, there are a number of cleaning stations available for members to access towels and sanitizer for that extra dose of CLEAN.

We also require each facility to have a contracted equipment technician who is scheduled to routinely service and maintain all of our fitness equipment at each location whether it needs it or not. We don’t wait for something to break before we service it. In the event that a piece does go down, each location is required to contact the technician within 24 hours of being notified of an issue.

In our on-going commitment to member satisfaction, Vanguard Key Clubs employ the industries first known use of a member driven Equipment Purchase Program. New pieces of equipment for each location are chosen by the members in July of each year via our online balloting program. This allows members to voice their opinions on what types of equipment and amenities they believe are important to achieving the perfect fitness environment. A modest surcharge is added to monthly dues three times during the year to help defray the costs.

We may not have a front desk, but member comments are always welcome. We are never more than a phone-callĀ  away from any of the club’s free courtesy phones, or through our online member services form.

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