Vanguard Key Clubs are all about CONVENIENCE! Any time, day or night, members have full access to any of our 5 Seacoast locations.

No matter what your schedule is or what time you prefer to exercise, we will always be open for you. Other gyms may close early on weekends or even completely on Holidays, but with your personal electronic key card you will have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every day of the year just to fit your fitness needs.

Here are just a few categories to see we how compare to some of those high volume, low value clubs.



Key Clubs



Full Cardio YES YES
Selctorized Circuit YES YES
Lockers & Showers YES YES
Free Weights YES LIMITED
Hammer Strength YES NO
60+ lb. Dumbbells YES NO
Squat Racks YES NO
Stepmills YES NO
Stability Balls YES NO
Medicine Balls YES NO
Kettle Bells YES NO
Heavy Bag YES NO
Police Lights NO YES
Lunk Alarm NO YES
Tanning Beds NO YES
Tootsie Rolls NO YES
Bagels NO YES
Pizza NO YES
Dress Code NO YES

Funny, but true:  Before you compare us to the other guys, CLICK HERE, and remember…everyone is welcome at Vanguard Key Clubs.

You be the Judge!