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Just wanted to say that I will be coming back. I left for the “Y” thinking I will be able to swim, and have group exercises. First, don’t like having to change in the bathroom, because I can’t find a dry bench. Second, hard to find a good time to swim, because the pools are always “signed for” for swimming meets, or birthday parties. Third, Only a few pieces of gym equipment. Fourth, too much noise, people, small locker rooms, and children (don’t dislike children, but not at gym). Fifth, I have a crazy schedule, but their schedule closes too early, not on holidays, and always seem to at “peak” hours. Sixth, have not been to any group exercise classes…realize too late that I like to workout alone, and not with a group. Seventh, since I am not using the pool, or the group exercise programs, $50 plus dollars a month, does not make sense. I miss working out at the Dover location, and can’t wait to workout there again!!!

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