Independent Trainers Available at Vanguard Key Clubs

 Our certified trainers are not employees of Vanguard Key Clubs and therefore, rates and availability may vary.  Trainers are required to maintain individual insurance policies.  Trainer’s level of experience, degrees or certifications will vary.

Members interested in a training program should contact independent trainers directly to see which one best fits their individual fitness goals. 

Trainers marked with an asterisk (*) have agreed to provide a one time FREE orientation/consultation to active members which is highly recommended.


The following abbreviations indicate the location a trainer is currently working at:

(P=Portsmouth  N=N.Hampton  Y=York  D=Dover  NB=Newburyport)

Click on name highlighted in GREEN to go to the trainer’s personal website.


Shawn Crotto* 

603-944-1401   (P) 


Wendy Stevens, PT

603-661-9291  (P)


Dan Kinsella, BS, CSCS* 

978-807-8579   (P,N,NB)


Cristyn Black, BS,CPT*

603-817-4498   (P, D)


Laura Tourtellot*  

603-659-2288   (P,N,D)


J. Ellis Jones ACE-CPT*

857-266-9491 (P)


Heidi Oliver MS, ASCM, EPC*

860-617-9247 (Y)


Katie McKay, ACE-CPT*

978-387-7873 (P, N, Y, D, NB)


Jenna George, AAAI,ISMA (P,N)


Roxanne Jacquelyn, NASM*

207-450-3916 (P, N, NB)


Darius Tibbs, NASM-CPT, sports performance enhancement specialist*

603-988-5687 (P, N, D)


Cat Faulkner, NASM CPT, SFG Level 1 Qualified*

207-703-3440 (P, Y, D)


(*) – will provide free fitness orientation