Thinking of adding a member to your existing Vanguard Key Club account or giving a fitness membership as a gift?  Simply follow the instructions here and click on the “Enter A Member” link at the bottom of the page to submit your enrollment easily and securely online.

ADD A MEMBER (to your existing account ONLY)

  1. Enter the personal information into the online enrollment form for the person you wish to add to your account.
  2. Select “Monthly 1st” OR “Monthly 15th” as a membership type. This MUST match your existing membership type billing cycle.
  3. Select the “ADD-ON” Payment Plan
  4. Complete the online enrollment form.
  5. After submitting the new enrollment, send us a message through our contact form authorizing the addition of this member to your account.  Please make sure to include the existing member’s name and the new member’s name(s) in your message.


  1. Enter the personal information into the online enrollment form for the person you wish to purchase a membership for
  2. Select the Membership Type and Payment Plan for the individual.
  3. Enter YOUR financial information (credit card number, etc.) in the billing section of the online enrollment form.
  4. An automatic “Welcome” email with useful information will be sent to the email address provided.  If you don’t wish for the recipient to receive it right away, please provide a different email address.
  5. The key tag will be mailed to the member’s address as it appears in the enrollment form. If this gift is intended on being a SURPRISE and you wish to have it mailed to a different address, simply follow up with a message through our contact form indicating where, and to whom, you would like the key mailed.

PLEASE NOTE:  All memberships are month to month, billed electronically and there is no pre-set termination date for any memberships.  If this is not intended on being the “gift that keeps on giving” you will need to contact us to have the membership terminated or transferred to the recipient’s billing information in the future.



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